6 Do’s And Don’ts of Celebrating Christmas With Your Partner

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, usually spent with family, friends and loved ones. But if you’re in a relationship or married, it can be even more special. Celebrating Christmas with your partner can be an incredibly romantic experience and create unforgettable memories. But how do you make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on each other? What kind of activities should you avoid to ensure that your holiday season is merry and stress-free? In this article, we provide 6 do’s and don’ts for celebrating Christmas with your partner. Let’s get started!

Do spend time planning

Do: plan ahead
If you want your Christmas to be enjoyable for both of you, it’s important to spend some time planning. Decide what you want to do, who you want to do it with and when. This way, there’ll be no surprises and you can both enjoy the festive season together.

Don’t: over-plan
While it’s great to have a fairly solid plan in place, don’t go overboard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and simplify things. You’ll both be happier that way.

Do: get organized
It’s important to get your home clean and tidy before Christmas so everything will look festive. Clear away any clutter and make sure all the candles are lit – it sets the perfect mood!

Don’t: put off until tomorrow what can be done today
Christmas is all about getting organized and getting festive – don’t let last-minute stress ruin your day. Plan every little detail well in advance so there are no surprises on Christmas Day.

Do make sure you’re on the same page

Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help make your holiday together enjoyable:

Do celebrate the traditional aspects of Christmas, like exchanging gifts, singing carols, and cooking a turkey.

Don’t forget about the little things that mean a lot to both of you. Maybe spend time together just chatting or taking a walk around town.

Do be open to trying new things together. Maybe decorate your home or put up a tree using a different style than usual.
You don’t have to do everything alone – your partner can be a great resource for ideas too!

Do get into the Christmas spirit

Do: Get your partner involved in the Christmas preparations. This will make it more special for them and you’ll have a lot of fun together.

Don’t: Forget to spend time with your family and friends during the holiday season. They’re the ones who made your celebration all the more special in the first place!

Do: Make a list of things you want to do during Christmas, both big and small. Whether it’s going shopping for gifts or cooking a meal, having a plan will help make things go more smoothly.

Don’t: Be too stressed out about everything. Christmas is supposed to be about happiness and joy, not stress! Relax and enjoy yourself.

Do: Start preparing your tree early – it takes up a lot of space and can get really messy if you wait too long!

Don’t: Spend too much money on presents – they’ll only end up collecting dust somewhere at home. Put some thought into what your partner would actually love (or use gift vouchers!) instead.

Do: Decorate your home with festive décor – from lights to garlands, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Do make time for each other

Do make time for each other during the Christmas season. This is a special time to celebrate together and spend some quality time with your loved one. Don’t be too busy with work or other obligations to sit down and enjoy a festive meal with your partner. Take some time out to buy them a gift, have a relaxing evening together, or go see a Christmas movie.

Don’t forget to show your affection

1. Invite your partner over for a festive dinner. Nothing says “I love you” like good food and company.
2. Plan a fun Christmas day activity together—perhaps going to a nearby department store or taking a walk around the neighborhood.
3. Show your partner some love by buying them something special, such as a gift certificate for a spa day or tickets to see their favorite holiday movie.
4. Make sure to spend time together during the Christmas holiday itself, whether it’s opening presents or staying in bed reading a book together.
5. Don’t forget to show your partner your affection in other ways too—maybe write them a heartfelt letter or take them on an intimate date night out!

1. Be grumpy all day long—it’ll ruin everyone’s mood!

2. Rush through the Christmas festivities—take your time and enjoy each moment with your loved one!

3. Forget to say goodbye before you go home for the holidays – make sure to call or text your partner when you’re leaving so they don’t worry unnecessarily (unless of course, they’ve expressly asked not to be bothered during their staycation!). 

4. Ignore your partner when they need emotional support during this special time—it can really hurt their feelings if you neglect them like that!

Don’t neglect your relationship in the lead-up to Christmas

To ensure that your Christmas is as special and joyous as possible, it’s essential that you take care of your relationship too. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when celebrating with your partner:

Do: spend time together enjoying each other’s company

Don’t: be too busy rushing to get everything done before Christmas arrives


Whether you’re just started dating or celebrating your 10th anniversary, there’s sure to be something special about Christmas that will make it an extra-special occasion. But, just like any other big day event, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when celebrating with your partner. Remember to keep these tips in mind when starting the celebrate the holidays!